Cli power

Console still has a big power :) I’m recently playing with the github cli interface - gh - and it’s really helpful! On the other hand, unfortunately (currently) the nvim is loosing the battle with the sublime text editor (on my mac) - but.. it doesn’t mean nvim is bad. In fact I’m sure I won’t be able to pack so many features to sublime that I use with nvim, but… in this particular case, when it comes to handy editor the app with the graphical interface is just more practical (as for me).

But don’t think I’m loosing my interest in nvim - oh no, not yet, It will just have a bit different role in my toolset :)

And here is an example of the http and jq commands which I have used to check the urls of my previous posts (humble but… interesting) - I don’t know where the image I’m describing will appear finally as the editor (from website) doesn’t show that, but I hope it will be visible :D

Łukasz B @lbacik